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"David Smith's voice has matured over the last few years and with "Follow" he really hits his straps. I really believe David's passion for his music and his God, shine through on this album

It is a musically brilliant album, that capures the very heart of David's passion for singing meaningful lyrics and Michael's incredible capacity to capture that same passion with melodies and keyboard riffs that make your heart soar.

David and Michael combine together to take you on an exciting jouney of faith, discovery and joy on an album that is a delight to listen to again and again - it is one of those albums that gets regular rotation on my car stereo.

The songs range from peaceful and free, to pure joy. Thank you Mike expecially for track 6, "Thank You Jesus", where we are re-introduced to the unmistakable, delightful strains of a Hammond Organ, albeit in a modern synthesized form. (I hear strains of Dr Bob from a few years ago in there).

If you love jazz and you love God, you'll love this very cool and groovy album, that makes the feet tap and the soul soar."
John Donoghue: Announcer, 98.5 Sonshine FM Radio

"One of the most enjoyable projects I have been involved with in a long time. It was a great pleasure to work with such a high standard of musicianship - and such nice people"
James Hewgill: Engineer, James Hewgill Music

"Hey Michael - Thanks for the CD. It really is a fantastic album; you and David compliment each other so well and should be very proud of it. All the musicians played so well and Jenny did a great job on the back vocals - you would expect no less."
Ken Walther: Musical Director, TVW Channel 7, Perth

"David Smith and Michael Nelson have produced a terrific CD, full of heartfelt original material that sooths the ear as well as the soul!"
Gary France: Director of Percussion, School of Music, Australian National University

"Hi Mike - After attending the fabulous launch of the Follow CD at Riverview Church on Thursday 12 October I felt compelled to write to you and commend you and David on a sensational album which I'm sure is going to be very successful both on the local scene and the international market as well.

I have had the delightful experience of employing both yourself and David on many occasions through my current position as the Manager of the City of Fremantle's Festival program and of course in my former postion as the Jazz Co-ordinator for Western Australia and I would have to say I've never heard you sound better!

This album is an extraordinary blend of hand clapping gospel, vocal harmonies, jazz, samba and funk influences. Quite the most outstanding production I have heard in a very long time. Mike we are all made that much richer by your work and the contribution that you have made to the music industry in Australia and that deserves some recognition and acknowledgment so I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I hope this is your most successful album ever as you've certainly earned it!

I wish you all the very best for a lucrative distribution and that you sell a million copies!"
Rachel Ramm: Manager Fremantle Festival, City of Fremantle
"David has a great voice that lends itself beautifully to this style of album. Whilst the lyrics convey a message in celebration of your faith, from the direct to quite subtle, it gives the songs a very contemporary feel and universal appeal

Backed by a stellar lineup of some of Perth's top jazz musicians, this is a smooth, easy to listen to album."
Trevor Knox: President, Perth Jazz Society
"I really enjoyed your CD. You could tell it was a labour of love. The production was excellent! The playing on the tracks was excellent - top class musicians and vocals. The songs are beautiful and heartfelt and some of the lyrics read like modern day psalms."
Eric Ajaye: Lecturer in Jazz Studies (Bass), School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra

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