EULOGY FOR SHANNON [ Danny Cahill: Shannon's brother ]

Danny's Eulogy

Firstly thanks everyone for attending and to Michael for his words.

For those who don't know me, I'm Danny, Shannon's brother.

I'm speaking on behalf of Shannon's immediate family, my mother Anne Toovey, my daughters Deb and Monique and their partners Sean and John.

I would like to offer our deep and sincere sympathies to Shannon's very much loved second family.

Shannon was not only my sister but was always looking out for me, her passionate love for all animals especially cats led her to work for a vet surgeon where she met another lady named Eleanor, who was later to become my wife. She had organised a blind date for me and as a consequence our two beautiful daughters where born. Shannon has been responsible for many great things happening to many people.

She had such a big circle of friends including friends from music, the Salvation Army, Employment Plus and the SCL to name a few.

She was such a caring and thoughtful person who went out of her way to help everyone and anyone. She had a beautiful soul.

As her brother I owe her so much and will always remember our times together.

A memory from my daughter Deborah.
She was asked if she could give an injection to Shannon's cat that had diabetes. "Just come around I'll teach you, 10-15minutes and you can go". Deborah arrived at 6pm and after discussing every subject known to man left at 3am. People that knew Shannon know that sometimes it was hard to leave but you could really enjoy some deep and meaningful discussions.

A memory from my daughter Monique.
Shannon was the Aunt that had the ultimate dress up wardrobe.
Clothes in every room, bangles, earrings jewellery, scarves and wigs.
You name it , she had it. After hours of trying everything on (with help from the cats) you had what you needed for a party or fancy dress, having had a lot of fun as well.

Both my daughters knew that Shannon was not just their aunt but the person who instigated the meeting of their parents.

A word from my mother.
My mother thanks all for being here with us on this heartbreaking occasion saying farewell to her beautiful baby girl. And my mother thanks Shannon for being her rock, her friend and the elegant lady that she was. Everyone that knew Shannon knew of her love for animals, her love for people and her kindness, generosity and loyalty and that she could absolutely be depended upon.

Many thanks to her friend Rachael and very many thanks to Michael.

No more pain my darling God Bless.

Lastly from the bottom of my heart thank you everyone.

Thankyou for sharing one of my family's hardest days. We very much appreciate you being here to remember Shannon.


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