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Wrenn Nelson Productions is a partnership located in Perth WA, Australia and run by the husband and wife team of Mike Nelson and Janice Nelson (stage name Jenny Wrenn).

Jenny is a jazz, session / back up singer and educator while Mike is a jazz pianist, arranger, composer and educator (University of WA, WA Conservatorium and Australian National University - Canberra).

Wrenn Nelson Productions is engaged in a range of activities including:

  • RECORDINGS: (Compact discs featuring recorded performances, originals and covers, by Mike and Jenny)

  • CHARTS / ARRANGEMENTS: From Chord Charts to Big Band and Orchestral - contact Mike to discuss your charts. A number of Mike's compositions are published by Really Good Music (USA).

  • JAZZ EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL: "The Craft Of Jazz Piano"- Mike is currently working on this project. When published (anticipated early 2005) the book will be particularly useful for musicians, students and teachers from non jazz backgrounds seeking information on essential jazz piano systems

  • COMPOSITION: (Commissions welcomed for Jingles, Film scores, small group, big band, Symphonic & Choral projects. Contact Wrenn Nelson Productions and discuss your requirements with Mike. For information on Mike's background as a composer go to about Mike Nelson

Jenny and Mike are both active performers. Jenny is a founding member of the vocal groups "Jazz Divas" and "Birdland" and regularly performs in concert with these groups.

Until October 2003 Mike was Lecturer in Jazz Studies (piano) at the Canberra School of Music, ANU. He resigned his position in order to pursue his career in composition and performance. They both have many years experience in the music business in Australia, Europe and Asia. They have both recorded and performed in Jazz, Commercial, Studio, Concert and Orchestral settings.

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